Joe on Beast

So I was just lucky enough to spend 9 days shooting the SANCF world cup youth team on their training camp which started out at the barn in Pretoria, and then moved to the awesome red cliffs of Waterval Boven. Along for the ride was international pro rock climber Joey kinder and his girlfriend Colette ( who also climbs pretty damn hard!).


I was pretty stoked that I got to spend a lot of time chatting to them both. They are both very impressive photographers, and Joe has got a huge love for film. You would think hanging about with one of the worlds top climbers would inspire me to get cranking and hit the rock till my finger tips bled, but instead I found myself discussing lenses, camera settings and “how the heck they get those shots”. I was lucky enough to shoot Joey sending quite a few hard routes around boven, including the current favourite  “Rodan”, the shots came out pretty amazing and I cant wait to send them off to various magazines and see what happens. I was also shooting the youth team as they played on various climbs, I got so many great shots of them too! Never dreamt I would manage to get so many insane climbing shots on one trip. I must admit that after having more than one conversation around the legendary boven fire pits, he has managed to inspire me to explore the HD video on my 7D.. Im very excited to get cracking. Here a few of the random shots of various things and people that I got while on the trip. Im quite sure more actual climbing shots will follow once I have finalized what can and cant be published. Such an inspiring trip. A huge thanks to Gustav (roc n rope) and also Paul (the barn) for helping me out with some gear that I needed to make all the shots possible!
IMG_8764 _MG_7944



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  1. Renard says:

    Well done bro! Excellent photo’s!


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