Pilanesburg National Park is the 4th largest game park in South Africa, and is situated right in the middle of an extinct volcano in the North West province. It is 2 hours out of Johannesburg and the perfect place to have a last minute camping trip. Off we went 2 cars, 9 people.. It was a tight squeeze to say the least. After a quick lunch break for the tribe near Hartbeespoort Dam, we finally started making progress towards the park. It was just after the lunch break where i got my first taste of “near death experience”, this was thanks to a person overtaking 9 cars, and a truck and almost hitting an oncoming car. Scary stuff! Other than that It was pretty much smooth driving, cruising along the awesome balancing boulders on the roadside, the fine conversation mixed with some (of what Alex called) “Dark Dubstep” blasting through my car speakers, and driving past some pretty strange buildings, including a really dodge looking surgery. After arrival, we set up camp and then it was time to go game viewing!

We went on a few drives over the weekend, every evening and every morning. I must admit we didn’t see too many cool sightings, but what we did see was pretty cool. We tracked a lion and got a pretty good look at him. We also saw Eland which is apparently pretty rare, as well as a gazillion impala and wildebeest. what stood out to me was the rhino we saw, man those guys had such massive horns! It was pretty sad to know that they are really in trouble at the moment with all the poaching that is going around.

Well I could go on forever about how cool the weekend was, but i figure the pictures will tell quite a cool story themselves. Its a pity i was only armed with a 125mm lens, oh well! Theres also a few shots off my Iphone using instagram.

Enjoy.IMG_0315 IMG_0322 IMG_0340 IMG_0347 IMG_0351 IMG_0312 IMG_0362 IMG_0365 IMG_0370 IMG_0373 IMG_0378 IMG_0399 IMG_0394 IMG_0391 IMG_0385 IMG_0380 IMG_0404 IMG_0410 IMG_0413 IMG_0425 IMG_0436 IMG_0467 IMG_0460 IMG_0442 IMG_0440 IMG_0437 IMG_0470 IMG_0473 IMG_0160 Peter in lomo Peter the shrike Cheeky Mongoose



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  1. Jarred Piererson says:

    Awesome sunset shots


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