Roc Rally 

On friday 23 september 2011 climbers from around South Africa came together at Waterval Boven to participate in the annual Roc Rally climbing festival hosted by the kind folks at Roc n Rope.

I left Jozi nice and early to face a 3 hour drive through the misty truck ridden roads of Mpumalanga to arrive at the wonderful crags of Boven and start shooting bits of video, stills and do a bit of climbing before the start of Roc Rally 2011. It all kicked off on friday evening with the entire God No! wall being lit up by a couple of hundred bulbs. A few competitors did some night climbing, this was for bonus points before the hard work on saturday started. I must admit, I have seen a few beautiful things in my short time on this earth. But God No! at night was really spectacular, And I think everyone who saw it would agree that the pics just don’t do it justice.

After stacks of headlight fun at the crag it seemed most people hit the sack pretty early, ready for the craziness early the next morning.

Mist. sleepy eyes and a couple frames of time lapse.

I was up at sparrow fart again on saturday shooting a bit of time lapse, The weather was not really playing along and it was fairly cold, and the mist was very thick around camp. It was good to watch as all the people who crawled and yawned out of their tents ready for the days activities, preparations started early with lots of strange make up and costumes coming out of the woodwork.

George getting his “Fattman mask”Gus organising all sorts of thingsA few tents in the mistAlex making egg n bacon rollsSam setting up the storeCome in Foxtrot Alpha DeltaFattman & BobbinThe starting line

And with that, the rally started!

Because fast audi’s have major “plate adhesion” problems..Max Martini playing on CondorHippi Foot

Dangling on rubiks cube

I also tagged along with vertigo gear athlete Brian Weaver and Colin Crabtree to go shoot some video. I have decided to try my hand at making some kind of cool video clip, So when i get some time I shall be editing that and when its done will most likely make a post out of it. Keep them eyes peeled!

Brian and colin were working on the ever so crimpy pump fest that is “Pit fighter” (31 – 8A+) and Im waiting to hear from some local publishers about the other shots before I post them, so you cant see them just yet kids!

After filming a few little cut-aways with Brian I missioned back to camp where the competitors had started arriving back. Beer o clock had arrived after a very long, cold, and wet day in boven, everyone kept well hydrated as the final scores were calcultated.

Flash or onsight??

Roc Rally 2011 winners Jaco Smuts & Francios Venter

And then the party began…

The aussies, Luke and Tonks. look out for Tonks sponsored climbers, coming soon to a crag near you!Do you have any water?

Sunday morning..

How about a night shot? He said..

Those 5 words from Tristan’s mouth would change the night for about 12 of us who were sitting around camp that evening. Who new that simple little question would lead to the chaos that followed. On Monday evening we set out to shoot video And stills of Brian weaver climbing Godzilla at night. The rigging process took about 5 – 6 hours, and most of it was done by head light. After we finally had 2 camera men suspended, and one perched on a ledge we were ready. With a shout of “action” we shot Brian as he used what little energy was left inside of him to have a burn on Godzilla. I think even though it was an epic mission, we got pretty good footage! you can have a look at one of the shots Gus got.

Keep an eye out for the final cut of Brian Weavers media profile.


Gustav, Alex (had possibly the worst job ever), the Aussies (Luke & Tonks), Warren, James, Tiffany, Rachelle, Candice, and of course… Brian and Max. I hope thats everyone..


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