WOW, Have been so busy with work lately that I have had to put these pics on hold for way too long! But alas, I have managed to squeeze them out, and write a little bit about it.

So, a few weeks ago Vertigo Gear athlete Brian Weaver decided to try and conquer one of the harder lines in Waterval Boven (Monster 29/7c+) on trad, I caught wind of this and quickly jumped on the band wagon. We quickly organised lifts etc, and the next afternoon we would set sail to boven! Tiffany Wells and Alex Bester came along for the trip, we piled ourselves (and our gear) into the back of the bakkie, and off we went, camera’s and harnesses in hand!

We arrived in rather wet weather, so after quickly racing the rain to set up camp we decided to hang around the campsite till the next morning…

Saturday morning was just as bad…. uninspired and super bummed we ended up sitting around watching movies in the tent as it poured with rain outside.

Sunday! finally, a bit of good weather! We waited for the rock to dry up a little while we packed up the campsite, then it was off to the crag. Brian warmed up cleaning the draws off one of his projects nearby and then stuck up the static line that I was to shoot from.

The light wasn’t great, But this was the last oppertunity we had to get some photos, we cut our losses and Brian started climbing..

Look at the insane leadout to the last piece of protection! I think if that popped it would be a ground fall… and fatal injuries would possibly be on the menu.

Placing gear..

Another cam goes in to place!

Last move to the final hold!

Brian didn’t send this time around, but is super close!

Then disaster struck the party.

As we were walking out of baboon buttress Tiffany slipped and tore all the ligaments in her ankle. She was in a lot of pain and we had to carry her out of the crag… Not a nice ending to the weekend. But she should be back on the rock fairly soon!

Big thanks to all who helped, Brian-For actually doing the climb! Alex- for being the pilot to Boven. Tiffany- for helping me lug all my gear, and tagging along for the trip. and a HUGE thanks to the cool cats at Roc n Rope for lending me the static at the last minute and making it all possible!


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