After a hellish drive that was severely underestimated (14.5 hours), and almost being killed periodically by drunk (or just plain mad) truck drivers, we finally completed our mission, to get from Joburg to Hole in the Wall, Eastern cape in one piece. Only to arrive in really bad weather… At this point I still had no idea what to expect.

next morning the clouds lifted, and unveiled the beauty that is “Hole in the Wall”.

We headed out along the soft sandy path through the forest. After about 10 minutes the path opened up, exposing the  pebble beach and isolated rock faces, there was a fierce roar as the waves crashed furiously at the rock. At that moment, as we were the only people for miles it became clear that it was all worth it!

The actual “hole, in the wall”

(Some shots are lomo style from my iphone, reason being that I was sometimes unsure about lugging all my gear out to spots that I didn’t know, It is a very rural area and in the beginning I was a little nervous. But I still think they deserve to posted.)

No lies there!

Life’s a beach, so they say.

Slacklining at the pool area, normally had about 15 locals spectating from the other side of the fence.. Quite strange

Slackline hero in the forest.

Wild horses on the beach.

After waiting 3 nights for decent evening light, I finally got the opportunity. and these are the product! Oh, how I love good light..

The drive to coffee bay which was about 15 minutes from where we were staying, the trips always had some excitement courtesy of the less than ideal, super steep dirt roads, cows, and the local children (and adults) yelling “sweeeeeets”.

The cow with the pink bra. Random much.

Welcome to Coffee Bay.


The “Afritude concept store”, he screen printed T- shirts while you waited, inside that truck. Some really cool designs!

A young boy learns to play the bongo drums.

There were some car troubles which saw all 6 of us piling into the corsa to have lunch while we waited for the tow truck..

White clay restaurant.

No ATM the whole trip, Ran out of cash, payed for silly things on card, ate too much, swam, played poi, introduced them to slackline,  had car troubles, went horse riding, almost died (more than once) due to crazy (devil) horse and lack of experience, got offered beads, denied the beads, met strange people, and they met strange people, slept late, woke up early, made fires, watched the sunset over the beach with no other souls for miles, had great weather, and really terrible weather, bought home-made clothes, had nachos, climbed the hill, played on the rocks, took photos… lots of photos, showed locals how my camera works, tried to explain that it was my job, walked into the township to buy playing cards, got offered drugs, denied drugs, played card games, kicked ass at them, ate home-made ice cream, almost got killed on the road, hit potholes, saw someone crack their sump plug, almost hit a goat.. and a cow, got stuck because of mud, lost sunglasses, threw stones, made jokes, slept on the floor, long walks, found sunglasses, funny looks from old people, got wet in the rain, poo on camera lens thanks to a bird, stray dogs, the super friendly cat, getting lost in the dark, slipping in the mud, finding home, cliffs.. and not climbing them for a change, slacklining in the forest, had  fun… But home time had come!

This was the way we should have driven down! It was a much better route, so scenic too.

Sunrise on the day we left..

Im not sure if I would be in a hurry to go back to Hole in the wall, only because the drive is a little bit intense (understatement of the century). However I really REALLY enjoyed coffee bay, the vibe there is so beachy and relaxed. I still have many places left to explore, but I certainly do hope to experience this part of the world again some time!

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