Yashica Minister II (1962 )

My grandfathers camera, passed down to me. It is a 35mm manual focus fixed lens, and has a rangefinder. The selenium light meter is positioned all the way around the lens, quite cool if you ask me! It doesn’t have a shutter curtain and instead uses the aperture blades as a sort of “curtain”. It has aperture and exposure time controls on the barrel of the lens. This camera still works, and has a very nice leather case that it fits snugly into.

Olympus OM10 (1979)

This is probably my most used film camera… It is a 35mm SLR, which has an optional manual exposure adapter which can be removed, I think it’s a very strange concept. I only have a 50mm 1.8 lens for this camera but managed to find a reverse ring adapter which allows me to do come cool macro type photos. although the light meter goes mad, and its all hit and miss when using the reverse ring, it’s still a stack of fun!

Konica T4 (1967)

My first film SLR, bought to use for star trails and other long exposure type shots. I got this camera with a whole lot of goodies including a 125mm 2.0 prime lens! Wish I could get that to fit my digital canon!! Fully manual and rather big and heavy I seldom use this for anything other than star trails.

Nikon F-800

Given to me by a client who no longer used it, I must admit.. I havn’t used it much myself.

Minolta Hi-Matic ( 1962 )

Another camera handed down from my grandfather. This one was bought at the beach as a rental (with option to buy) and I can only guess he and my grandmother liked, and bought it. It unfortunately doesn’t work.. so It is just for show in my cabinet. It only has aperture control on the barrel, as well as a focus ring. It also has the same selenium light meter as the yashica, except it is on the camera body itself.


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