The general understanding is that pole dancing is done by girls who make more money than any mere mortal being can even fathom. That said, I made it my mission to try and show what is now more commonly known as, pole dancing fitness.

The first I ever heard of this sport was only a few months ago, so I really wasn’t quite sure what to expect or even where to start with this shoot. I decided to go with the safety of studio lights, without the usual boring backdrop. It turned out to be a good idea, and reinforced the notion of “follow your gut”.

Paige had warmed up and stretched by the time I arrived, and with a rather hasty lights and camera set up, we were ready to start shooting. I loved the natural light coming through the opaque windows behind her, and decided all that was needed was a bit of natural looking fill light. Once set, she showed me a few poses on the pole and after a few tricky angle tweaks (and bruised limbs) we started shooting, allowing me to catch all sorts of core busting movements.

I really do take my hat off to these ladies.. Some crazy strength needed for this stuff!

Big thanks to Paige Bradley for posing, Vertical Vixens for use of their studio and Tyrone Kelly for helping with the heavy lifting.


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