I decided to do something indoors due the the cold weather in Jo’burg at the moment (understatement of the century).

I set up the studio lights and poppped a small fan heater in the vicinity just for good measure. After checking exposures and lighting style I was ready to shoot!

Finally deciding what to wear, Jade had an altercation with the liquid liner giving us the challenge of getting rid of very bloodshot eyes… But we managed and finally got cracking with the shoot!

We started with some portraits and I just got carried away… So in a nutshell that’s what the final product ended up being, a portrait sesh with the wonderfully innocent, pleasantly charming Jade fletcher!

This has been one of my favourite shoots to date, And Jade (who has never really been in front of a camera before) was an absolute gem to work worth. Big thanks to her!

Model : Jade Fletcher

Make up : Tiffany Wells + Jade Fletcher

Now I need to get warm warm and stop my fingers tingling!


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