What has 40 thousand legs, enough dust and smoke in the air to give an average coal miner “the black lung”,  More rubbish in the bushes and trees than a Jo’burg taxi rank, Flesh burning daylight accompanied chucking filly nights and how about some grown men stumbling around like pre school children thrown in for good measure?

This years fix of Oppikoppi, that’s what.


“Sweet Thing” was the name deemed to this year’s (2012) Oppikoppi music festival which is held annually on a farm in Northham, Limpopo. This is where, possibly, the strangest weekend of my life took place.

Once I got used to the idea of the dust in the air, and the fact that by “travelling lightly” I now had to stick to the one lens that was on my camera (in theory anyway), I started to play around with my creative goggles for the first time ever at a music festival. Yes, I just admitted to breaking my  festival photography “chastity”.



Things I learnt at sweet Thing for the next Oppikoppi or any other music festival I attend,

  • A dust mask must accompany me everywhere, to avoid “Oppi-lung” for the following few days.
  • Should definitely have a “press pass”, to avoid “mosh pits” and “walls of death” whilst holding a rather large insurance claim.
  • Should not take my own car.
  • Pack warmer socks.
  • Take more cameras, one is just not enough.

Well there’s not really too much more I can say about Sweet\Thing. It made my lungs burn, my eyes itch and my camera needs some serious attention with a vacuum cleaner! But, I wouldn’t change a thing. It seems I may have forged a serious Love\Hate relationship with this festival. Because after everything is said and done, life is all about the random moments. Nuff said.

Theres tons more random moments in the gallery, Feel free to have a peek..

Comments welcome,



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