Eta students + bright water commons + a crowd of avid BMXers + spring day =Project Mayhem. (and don’t forget all the sponsors)

1st September 2012

What better way is there of getting through the slog of varsity, than hosting a BMX comp to pass an assignment!

The registration process got underway with some of the pretty peeps from eta helping the competitors out with all the necessary evils and documentation. It was great to see riders had come from all parts of South Africa.

After a few opening speeches and a few house rules, the riding got underway.

First up to break the ice was the amateurs.

Then it was time for the pro’s to take on all that the Boogaloos skatepark had to offer.

There was also a “best trick competition” at the end. This attracted all the riders who wanted to have a last and final burn,  to get any last-minute bangers out in the open for the judges.

The Results where as follows,

Top 3 am

1st Rob Davies

2nd Levi Fenton

3rd Mike Tones

Top 3 pro:

1st Ray Malinga

2nd Hendri Breedt

3rd Byron Jones

Best Trick

Paul Soderlund

All in all, It was a fantastic event. Big ups to all the sponsors, organisers, competitors and of course the spectators. I hope that this happens again in the near future. And I hope to see some more people tearing up the course.




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