So theres a new climbing gym in Jozi. And it comes in the form of Rock Fit, a new functional training facility in Sandton. This means that not only can you get your last-minute (after work) climbing fix, but you also have the option to do cross training and kettlebell classes. This is great news if you are looking for something more interesting than the traditional gyms to try and get some blood flowing. I think this gym could fill a large gap in Jozi and will make an amazing NBL venue. It has some great things coming!

Here a few shots of what the gym looks like.

Rock Fit Has rental gear available but also has a small gear shop which has all the little goodies you may need once the bug has bitten.

Theres also a small “snack” bar available where you will be able to find some light treats to keep your forearms fuelled.

The two coaches and owners of Rock Fit, Devin & Troy Sender.

For more information about the gym check out their website,


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