2 November, 2012

So it was that time of year again when the streets all over the country get bombarded by hoards of men jogging in Red Speedos.

This year’s daREDevil run was the biggest and baddest to date, seeing runners from Jozi, Pretoria, Dullsroom, Cape Town And Durban all taking to the tarmac in support of testicular cancer and raise some cash money for cancer support.

The Jo’Burg part of the run kicked off at St Stithians school and had over 1500 (registered) pairs of feet take off at the starting line. Men of all imaginable shapes and sizes stood together ready to take on the 4km route. This race is not about time, and all about creating awareness, so no matter the size, shape or fitness level anybody can do it. Even if it means walking or “stretching” periodically along the route.


As the last few runners made their way through the finish line it had struck beer o’ clock, this seemed to smooth out the blisters and lubricate aching calf muscles. As well as wash down the hotdogs which were available to all participants.

A tiny speedo for a big cause. This year raised over R200 000 and I look forward to doing it all over again next year. You should too.

Heres a few links to some of the other parts of the country,

and some extra pics from the day.

Cape Town



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