Growing up watching bands and loving alternative music I ended up spending many of my weekends watching The Slashdogs. By far one of my favourite South African bands to date; now they are back and hungry for more. We met up with them recently before a gig to ask some questions and get some photos, enjoy.

NAZ: What made you guys initially stop playing before I ask why you started again?

SD: Basically we were exhausted; we recorded the album “The Hunger” and during recording went through 3 line-up changes. After that we played hard for 2 years playing almost every weekend and eventually just got over playing music that was almost 2 to 3 years old already. It basically just got repetitive and we eventually decided to take a break when our drummer left to start his own venture.

NAZ: So what made you guys want to play again?

SD: Well, we started working on some new music just in general not particularly for The Slashdogs and Ryan had written a whole load of amazing new lyrics “ the first time I had to sing back ups for one of the tracks it nearly had me in tears” Paul. So yeah, we had some solid stuff to work with and just ended up wanting to try again.

NAZ: What will you guys be playing now, only new stuff or some of the old stuff as well? What about Charlies Titty Bar?

SD: No, no more Charlies Titty Bar it has no meaning really and wasn’t written by us the old singer wrote that stuff and we will generally be avoiding that sort of music, there will be old stuff definitely, but only the songs with real meaning, so yeah both old and new, but no Charlies Titty Bar if we wanted to play it I guess we could the song is so dam easy.

NAZ: What is your music about now, what meaning does it have, is there a new feel to the music or is it still the same Rock n Roll?

SD: The Slashdogs will always be Rock n Roll we are still coming in hard but the new songs aren’t quite as technical as before there will still be some crazy guitars for sure but we are placing more effort into lyrics. The songs are about Ryan’s experiences and our experiences in general, political messages and just general messages about society and what we think about it and what is happening around us everyday. Stick around and hear it for yourself.

NAZ: What are your plans now, new album? Where is the band going from here?

SD: Umm this time we are older and wiser and will be making things interesting, giving away songs here and there and just generally interacting a bit more, better events a new album and just generally more creative stuff. Not just playing the same bars every weekend, we are going to be smarter this time round.

NAZ: Social media wise what are you guys looking at doing? Twitter etc?

SD: What would we need twitter for “ oh look The Slashdogs are drunk again” seems pointless but we do have Face Book and we will be using it a bit more etc.

NAZ: Sweet thank you guys for your time, do you have anything you want to say to the people?

SD: Come to our shows (laughs)

Big Thanks to The Slashdogs,




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