I spent my christmas holiday visiting family at the coast. I didn’t spend too much time chasing great light, or waiting around for interesting subjects. Instead I enjoyed the time I had. This post is just a mash-up of a few photos from the trip. Not the greatest location at this time of year, but I managed to squeeze in a couple of shots while I was there.


Indiana playing by the pool.

BrendonSalzer_December-2012-21 BrendonSalzer_December-2012-20 BrendonSalzer_December-2012-24BrendonSalzer_December-2012-1BrendonSalzer_December-2012-7BrendonSalzer_December-2012-25 BrendonSalzer_December-2012-9 BrendonSalzer_December-2012-10BrendonSalzer_December-2012-5BrendonSalzer_December-2012-27BrendonSalzer_December-2012-17BrendonSalzer_December-2012-23 BrendonSalzer_December-2012-19

I also had a quick walk around the harbour, the weather wasn’t playing along. So I didn’t hang around too long..

BrendonSalzer_December-2012-12BrendonSalzer_December-2012-14BrendonSalzer_December-2012-16 BrendonSalzer_December-2012-15BrendonSalzer_December-2012-8

Time to get the sand out of my ears and get on with the year!


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