This was a BMX comp with a twist, a big hot humid twist.

Ghetto jam is an annual BMX comp hosted by BMX Direct in Durban.
The boys threw down their best and a lot of good tricks were stuck. There was also a couple of falls that created a bit of a mix for shots.

Well done to all who competed.

These are just a few of my favourite shots from the day, You can find more here – Ghetto Jammin’


GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-4 GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-5 GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-6 GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-7 GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-9 GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-10 GhettoJam2012-turndownGhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-11 Ghetto-stitches-1GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-12 GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-13 GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-14 GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-15 GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-16 GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-17 Ghetto-stitches-2-copyGhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-18 GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-19 GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-20 GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-21 GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-22 GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-23 GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-24 GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-25 Ghetto-stitches-1GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-26  GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-28 GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-29 GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-30GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-32GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-33GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-31


1st: Matthew Silo – PE
2nd: Sean Ingham – DBN
3rd: Schalk Engelbrecht – DBN


1st: David Rigby – PE
2nd: Malcolm Peters – CT
3rd: Buddy Chellan – CT

Tough as nails:

Clint Jacobs – CT

I also managed to grab a few shots of the skaters, who had their own competition on the day.

GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-2 GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-3 GhettoJam2012_BrendonSalzer-1


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