These are some locally produced and hand-made climbing holds that I was asked to photograph.

This was one of the first batches they produced. The factory is based in Pretoria, and grips are available directly to the public. There are always new designs and strange concepts bubbling out of the Resin8 Lab, most of which are designed to create the perfect balance between comfort and the desired amount of grip.

I guess I wanted to shoot the grips in any way other than the standard “white background product shot”, so I stuck them on the wood. I thought this would add to the touch-ability of the grips. It also add’s a little bit of contrast to the colour and texture of the bright grips.

The lighting style shows all the notches and grooves which is important for these products. It also shows the great raw texture of the grips. As for the shallow Depth of field, well that was complete coincidence, haha. I’m only joking! It was a bit of a gamble, but I decided there needed to be some intimacy in the images, so I dropped the infinite focus and bled the depth of field.

That’s enough rambling, check out the images 🙂

Resin8-Grips-2012-10BrendonSalzer Resin8-Grips-2012-17BrendonSalzerResin8-Grips-2012-11BrendonSalzer Resin8-Grips-2012-7BrendonSalzer Resin8-Grips-2012-6BrendonSalzer Resin8-Grips-2012-9BrendonSalzer Resin8-Grips-2012-8BrendonSalzer Resin8-Grips-2012-13BrendonSalzer Resin8-Grips-2012-14BrendonSalzerResin8-Grips-2012-2BrendonSalzer Resin8-Grips-2012-1BrendonSalzer photography climbing hold grip by Brendon Salzer

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