Ramfest Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_VanCokeKartel-16

When I sat my final days of high school, crunched up scribbling away in art class listening to Rise against, or when I first ever heard Chelsea Smile by Bring Me The Horizon and played it as loud as possible everyday in my car on my way to my crappy desk job. I could never have imagined that a few years later I would get such an amazing opportunity to shoot them, live!

This was one of the greatest weekends of my life as both bands have played a massive part in my life and an even bigger role in my development as a creative person.  I will never forget the enormous opportunity I have had to shoot them.

Ramfest is an annual two-day music festival held at Riversands farm in Fourways.

This years event happened on 15 + 16th March 2013. I decided to try something different and get out of the “super shallow, low light” boat. Sticking to shutter speeds between 60th + 80th of a second, and trying to keep my aperture stopped down a few steps from 2.8 I managed to suck a lot of the natural light right up, with the light came some movement. and a new lesson learned. Sometimes It’s good to do things, just for kicks.

They say the best photographs happen when you have fun, with Bands and DJ’s like Double Adapter, Jack Parrow, Bring Me The Horizon and Rise Against. How could I not have had fun?

These are some of the photos I got, hope you Enjoy.

(Prints Available)


Van Coke Kartel (SA)

Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_VanCokeKartel-8 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_VanCokeKartel-1Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_VanCokeKartel-7Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_VanCokeKartel-12 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_VanCokeKartel-14 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_VanCokeKartel-19 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_VanCokeKartel-21 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_VanCokeKartel-18 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_fuzigish-1

Fuzigish (SA)

Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_fuzigish-2 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_fuzigish-4 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_fuzigish-9 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_fuzigish-11 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_fuzigish-14 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_fuzigish-15 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_Crowds-1 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_Crowds-7 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_crowds--99

Double Adapter (SA)

Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_Double-Adapter-3 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_Double-Adapter-2 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_Double-Adapter-4 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_Double-Adapter-18Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_Double-Adapter-6 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_Double-Adapter-10 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_Double-Adapter-19 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_Double-Adapter-16

Jack Parrow (SA)

Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_JackParrow-1 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_JackParrow-5 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_JackParrow-6 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_JackParrow-8 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_JackParrow-14 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_JackParrow-16

Pendulum DJ Set + Verse (UK/AUS)

Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_Pendulum-1 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_Pendulum-2

Pestroy (SA)

Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_Pestroy-2 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_Pestroy-5 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_Pestroy-15 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_Pestroy-19 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_Pestroy-22 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_Pestroy-24 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_Pestroy-26

Bring Me The Horizon (UK)

Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_BMTH-11 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_BMTH-12 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_BMTH-16 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_BMTH-21 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_BMTH-5


Rise Against (USA)

Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_RiseAgainst-11 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_RiseAgainst-6Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_RiseAgainst-13 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_RiseAgainst-15 Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_RiseAgainst-7Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_RiseAgainst-1Ramfest-2013_BrendonSalzer_RiseAgainst-9

Hope you enjoyed it.

A huge thank you to every single artist that played, and to every screaming member of the crowd. Without all of you I would never have been able to capture the images that I did. And a big thank you to the organisers for letting me in with a camera.

Thats one more thing ticked off the the bucket list.


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  1. Andrea Caunter says:

    Awesome shots dude! I especially like the crowd pics 🙂


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