PH PHAT is an electronic rap band from Cape Town. They played a hot n’steamy show at Arcade Empire in Pretoria on Thursday 28th March. These guys always put on a great show, and this was no exception.The Jagermeister flowed, as did the beats. Things got wild in the crowd as well as on stage with a chipped tooth and a couple of sweaty brows.  Check out what you missed & enjoy the snaps.


BrendonSalzer_PHPHAT_ArcadeEmpire-13 BrendonSalzer_PHPHAT_ArcadeEmpire-8 BrendonSalzer_PHPHAT_ArcadeEmpire-54BrendonSalzer_PHPHAT_ArcadeEmpire-10 BrendonSalzer_PHPHAT_ArcadeEmpire-15BrendonSalzer_PHPHAT_ArcadeEmpire-30 BrendonSalzer_PHPHAT_ArcadeEmpire-47BrendonSalzer_PHPHAT_ArcadeEmpire-38BrendonSalzer_PHPHAT_ArcadeEmpire-1BrendonSalzer_PHPHAT_ArcadeEmpire-33 BrendonSalzer_PHPHAT_ArcadeEmpire-32 BrendonSalzer_PHPHAT_ArcadeEmpire-39 BrendonSalzer_PHPHAT_ArcadeEmpire-41 BrendonSalzer_PHPHAT_ArcadeEmpire-44 BrendonSalzer_PHPHAT_ArcadeEmpire-34BrendonSalzer_PHPHAT_ArcadeEmpire-45 BrendonSalzer_PHPHAT_ArcadeEmpire-51 BrendonSalzer_PHPHAT_ArcadeEmpire-49 BrendonSalzer_PHPHAT_ArcadeEmpire-61 BrendonSalzer_PHPHAT_ArcadeEmpire-59 BrendonSalzer_PHPHAT_ArcadeEmpire-37 BrendonSalzer_PHPHAT_ArcadeEmpire-22 BrendonSalzer_PHPHAT_ArcadeEmpire-48


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