WE ARE ONE festival was held in Jo’Burg on 6th April, at Emmarentia dam.

What. A. Mess.

That is all I could think walking through the “no powder zone”, it was at this point I had realised that I may have actually lost my marbles taking my camera into such a dirty environment. I wasn’t even in the crowd yet and things had already started to get colourful.I broke the cardinal rule; protect your really expensive camera at all costs, by leaving my protective gear at home! Luckily, a friend of mine came to the rescue and after a hasty camera wrapping ceremony I was ready to take on the festival of colour. My DIY protective plastic cover was enveloped in duct tape which meant the review screen was not going to help much.. No monkeys here! It wasn’t long before the first powder throw countdown (since my arrival), this happened on the hour, every hour. I took my chances standing quite deep in the crowd near the front, not too sure what expect. I don’t think much could have prepared me for my first powder throw.




After the explosion of colour  there was about a 2-3 second window to shoot a couple of frames before everything just went a dark mustard brown colour and equipment required another dust off. Not Ideal, But I shot what I could, only to find out later how they looked due to my ghetto camera protection.

So I guess this is just a post of shots that I liked from the festival.

WeAreOne_BrendonSalzer-18 WeAreOne_BrendonSalzer-81WeAreOne_BrendonSalzer-26 WeAreOne_BrendonSalzer-65WeAreOne_BrendonSalzer-34 WeAreOne_BrendonSalzer-37 WeAreOne_BrendonSalzer-38 WeAreOne_BrendonSalzer-20WeAreOne_BrendonSalzer-40 WeAreOne_BrendonSalzer-27WeAreOne_BrendonSalzer-39 WeAreOne_BrendonSalzer-53 WeAreOne_BrendonSalzer-52 WeAreOne_BrendonSalzer-51 WeAreOne_BrendonSalzer-63 WeAreOne_BrendonSalzer-70 WeAreOne_BrendonSalzer-71 WeAreOne_BrendonSalzer-79 WeAreOne_BrendonSalzer-84 WeAreOne_BrendonSalzer-2 WeAreOne_BrendonSalzer-10 WeAreOne_BrendonSalzer-12WeAreOne_BrendonSalzer-25WeAreOne_BrendonSalzer-71


Thats how I looked near the end..

That’s all folks.

As always, comments & questions welcome below.


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10 responses »

  1. Abigale says:

    Amazing Stuff Friend (“,)


  2. Brenda says:

    Amazing pics, Bren! And what a great idea for a festival. Makes me smile 🙂


  3. Andrea Caunter says:



  4. Annette says:

    YOU are brillant hang in there your break will come…….


  5. Shelly says:

    Amazing pics Brendon. Very professional 🙂


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