Well this was a little reminder that I really need to shoot some more cars.. 

I spotted this C63 AMG parked inside my complex and couldn’t help but to take a stroll in my fluffy slippers to take a few snaps of the car. I decided to just shoot the merc with my Canon 50mm 1.4. I figured the lens is always getting used for such fast and shallow photos, maybe I should try use it in a completely  different way. I shot these images at f.13. This gave me the best balance I could find between the ambient “street lights” and the flashlight used to paint in the shadows and define the curves in the bodywork. It also meant an ample amount of time could be spent pouring light into every detail of the rims.. They were after all what initially caught my attention.

I got some funny patchy looking panels from the free hand light painting and a couple of blown out highlights joined the party.. I also had to slightly de-saturate the colours, due to all the mixed light sources things looked a little un-natural. It was also quite a trick to avoid strange streaky reflections.

But the urge had called from deep inside of me and  I answered it as best I could.


That was a fun quick thing to shoot on a thursday evening. Hopefully I get to shoot a couple more cars in the near future..

Have a great weekend.


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