Sowing The Seeds is a warm up festival for the very popular Rocking The Daisies. It happened over the 25-26th May at the Welgelegen Manor Estate, Mpumalanga.

This must have been one of the neatest events I have attended in a while.. By neat I mean it is the perfect weekend get away. This makes it a superb teaser to Rocking The Daisies, which is a little more of a stretch and time commitment.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… Well here’s a 22 000 word essay about the festival 😉


Brendon-Salzer-Photography_Sowing-The-Seeds_Web-36 Brendon-Salzer-Photography_Sowing-The-Seeds_Web-37 Brendon-Salzer-Photography_Sowing-The-Seeds_Web-46 Brendon-Salzer-Photography_Sowing-The-Seeds_Web-59 Brendon-Salzer-Photography_Sowing-The-Seeds_Web-75 Brendon-Salzer-Photography_Sowing-The-Seeds_Web-76

Fruit & Veggies

Brendon-Salzer-Photography_Sowing-The-Seeds_Web-79 Brendon-Salzer-Photography_Sowing-The-Seeds_Web-81

Taxi Violence

Brendon-Salzer-Photography_Sowing-The-Seeds_Web-91 Brendon-Salzer-Photography_Sowing-The-Seeds_Web-92 Brendon-Salzer-Photography_Sowing-The-Seeds_Web-98 Brendon-Salzer-Photography_Sowing-The-Seeds_Web-99


Brendon-Salzer-Photography_Sowing-The-Seeds_Web-109 Brendon-Salzer-Photography_Sowing-The-Seeds_Web-110 Brendon-Salzer-Photography_Sowing-The-Seeds_Web-111 Brendon-Salzer-Photography_Sowing-The-Seeds_Web-113

Dune Rats (AUS)

Brendon-Salzer-Photography_Sowing-The-Seeds_Web-119 Brendon-Salzer-Photography_Sowing-The-Seeds_Web-114 Brendon-Salzer-Photography_Sowing-The-Seeds_Web-115

The Stellas

Brendon-Salzer-Photography_Sowing-The-Seeds_Web-128 Brendon-Salzer-Photography_Sowing-The-Seeds_Web-129 Brendon-Salzer-Photography_Sowing-The-Seeds_Web-130

More pictures here

Always a pleasure to shoot Seed events. They have a great team and really look after the media and artists. I look forward to Rocking The Daisies this year. It’s going to be amazing.

Event Info,

Twitter: @SowingTheSeedSA

More about the festival here

That’s all for now, stay warm.


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