This years Black Diamond Tradathon happened in the magaliesberg area.
It all started with a morning fueled by hot cups of Jetboil coffee. Participants gathered from all over South Africa to have a great day out in the crags. While there is no competition element, the day is aimed at allowing experienced traddies to educate and help less confident climbers get out on the rock.

BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-9 BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-16 BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-21 BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-24 BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-26 BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-31 BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-37 BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-44

This was quite a tricky event to shoot as the climbers got pretty spread out around the kloof. not sure what to expect I headed out with a fair amount of weight in my pack, this would later lead to my demise. I had to rush through the kloof looking for the participants,sometimes up to 30 minutes of missioning without seeing a single face.. I ended up dropping a camera which didn’t damage it too badly but needless to say the aesthetics took a knock. I also fell in water 3 times leaving me pretty drenched for the greater part of the day, luckily shoes can dry. Right at the end I also managed to take a hurtling rock to the face leaving me with a minor flesh wound, not pretty. But all in all it was a success, and there was many a tired climber ready to douse their aching tendons in the Magaliesbergs finest craft beer and a lamb spit braai.

BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-47 BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-53 BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-55 BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-77 BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-69 BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-102 BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-104 BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-110 BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-118BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-115  BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-122 BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-125 BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-126 BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-130 BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-136 BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-138 BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-144 BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-149 BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-152 BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-154 BrendonSalzer_BD_Tradathon-156

Go check out more pics here

Thanks to the The Edge for letting me shoot this, go give them some love!


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