BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-2

Lake Kariba is the largest man-made lake in the world, and is nestled on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe in what was once the Kariba gorge. The dam is fed by the Zambezi river and boasts an amazing array of wildlife both in the lake, and on the shores.

I was fortunate enough to spend a reasonable amount of time at Lake Kariba in December 2008. I had visited the previous year with a point and shoot and I think that’s about the time I was bitten by the photography bug, along with a million mosquitos.

 I was in love with the light Kariba skies produced so I came back prepared the following year with my Canon 400D and a couple of very cheap and shifty lenses. I shot all of these in Jpeg, so a light dusting in lightroom was required to try get more accurate colours and a bit of sharpening on the dodgy ones. I must admit that I’m pretty impressed with what that camera produced in terms of image quality.. It makes me miss that old thing. Kariba has arguably the best sunsets in the world, and I don’t think I missed many on this trip. I also shot a few star trails on my minolta film camera.. But unfortunately they were pretty terrible, haha. But with the terrible shots came a close encounter with a hippo, just one of the many strange encounters with wild animals on that trip. Check out some of the photographs below.

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-3

Local Fishermen

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-4

A Foam Nest Frog

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-5

Local woman fishing in the shallows, choosing to sit and keep cool in the croc & hippo infested waters

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-6

Local woman fishing in the shallows, choosing to sit and keep cool in the croc & hippo infested waters

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-7

A Lilac Breasted Roller takes flight from a termite mound.

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-8

A buffalo skull on a post outside a locals house

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-1

Birds of a feather

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-9

Elephants on the side of the road. They seem to be in must

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-10

A red velvet looking thing, a type of tick I think.

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-11

Fish Eagle perched on a petrified tree.

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-12

A view from the house

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-13

A view back at the house. Which got struck by lightning and burned down in 2012 and has been subsequently rebuilt.
Massive wild elephants come up to this patio and eat off the trees while you are sitting having a drink in the evening. No Jokes.

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-14

Strange praying mantis being feisty

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-15

A local man fishing

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-16

Success in the form of a massive Tiger Fish. Straight off the shore with minimal tackle, these guys know what they are doing.

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-17

A storm in the distance with classic kariba sunset

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-20

A Banded mongoose scopes me out on an early morning walk

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-18

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-19

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-21

I had been shooting star trails the night before but decided it to call it a night after hearing some strange noises in the bushes near to where I was shooting. This is what I found the next morning. Hippo spoor, less than 5m from where I was set up.

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-22

Vultures in the trees above an elephant carcass

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-23

The Kariba dam wall. I have a photo sitting next the river-god (Nyaminyami ) when I was only a few months old.

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-25

Did I mention the croc & hippo infested waters?

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-31

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-24


Shot in in 2007..

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-27

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-28

Zebras with petrified trees in the lake behind them

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-26BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-32

BrendonSalzer_Kariba 2008-30

And a little self pic. High ISO was not fresh on 400D, Eish.


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