This is not really something I do often and I could probably count the amount of babies I have held, on one hand. But when I got the chance to shoot Nikolai at just shy of two weeks old, I wanted to test the uncharted waters. If you have ever held a new-born baby you will know that they are

not the easiest things to handle, let alone photograph. That combined with a particularly hot morning meant he wasn’t going to be a slice of cake to shoot. Luckily with babes come Mums, and Grandmothers to help keep everything soft and groovy.

Nikolai_BrendonSalzer-4 Nikolai_BrendonSalzer-6 Nikolai_BrendonSalzer-3 Nikolai_BrendonSalzer-5 Nikolai_BrendonSalzer-8 Nikolai_BrendonSalzer-2 Nikolai_BrendonSalzer-1

Heres one of Taryn the afternoon before Nikolai was born… We cut it pretty close.



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