Axe Apollo space camp,

All I can say is wow. I have never seen such an awesome event for participants. This was the final stage of the competition to win a ticket to cruise the outer hemispheres of earth.

I got a rather last-minute call to arms to help out The Freedom Seekers on this job which was just to get loads of still shots of the contestants as they took on the final 3 challenges to see who would win the grand prize of going to space. It was a pretty toasty day at the aerodrome in Parys and the contestants landed in the springbok classic air and shuffled straight into the briefing room. The G force test dubbed “the vommit rocket” required them to move a flag from their feet and place it above their head, while being stuck to the wall by the spinning force of the tube. The second challenge involved a tandem skydive and after deploying the shoot at 1000ft they needed to hit a target with two sandbags, not easy.. After the first two challenges the 30 finalists were squeezed down to 6.

The final 6 had to go inside the aerobatics plane and answer some questions while it dipped, flipped and spun all over the sky. And then complete a small written test afterwards with questions about the fight.

The final 3 winners who will be going to space are Haroon Osman, Dean Roddan and Mandla Maseko. Hope they enjoy the trip 🙂

Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-6Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-7 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-8 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-9 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-12 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-13 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-14 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-15 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-16 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-17 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-18 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-19 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-20 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-21 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-22 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-23 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-27 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-28 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-29 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-32 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-33 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-34  Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-36 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-37Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-40 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-41 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-42 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-43 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-49 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-48 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-46 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-45 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-44 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-51 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-52 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-85Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-54  Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-59 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-68 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-67 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-64Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-63 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-69 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-70 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-60Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-75  Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-91Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-82 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-92Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-81 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-80 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-79 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-78 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-102 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-73Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-103 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-104  Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-106  Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-110 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-109  Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-107 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-95 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-97 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-98 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-100 Brendon-Salzer-Axe-Space-Camp-101


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