The Cimbing Barn in Pretoria hosted their 9th annual birthday comp on saturday 1st Feb. As usual the fellas at the barn set up some awesome routes for the competitors to test their fitness. I managed to get some pictures between my own climbs and experimented a bit with off camera flash. I’m not sure what got me more pumped, the weight of a camera + “flash boom” in either hand or the climbing… all I can say is that it gave new meaning to flash pump.


Please feel free to use these pics on social media or blogs. The deal is, keep the little watermark, don’t make money from them and a little credit never hurts 😉

Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-6 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-7 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-8 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-9 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-1Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-11Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-10Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-12 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-13 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-14 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-15 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-16 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-17 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-18 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-19 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-3Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-20 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-31Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-21 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-29Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-22 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-23 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-24  Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-26 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-27 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-28 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-46Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-30Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-32 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-33 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-34 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-35 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-36 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-37 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-38 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-39 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-40 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-41 Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-42  Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-44 Barn Comp 2014_Brendon Salzer-50Barn-Comp-2014_Brendon-Salzer-2

Well done to all the climbers and to The Barn for pulling off another awesome day of climbing.


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