Montagu , A very small and old town which is situated in the Western Cape. Well known for some of the better sport climbing around Southern Africa we decided to make the drive and go do some “cape climbing”. I should mention it is also home to the most incredible piece of rock, the climb on said rock proudly known as Mazawattee (8c+/34). This is currently the hardest sport climbing route in South Africa. While that would be nice to see on my tick-list. I aimed a little lower and tried to get on as many different routes as possible for some variety.


Cogmans buttress, from approach through the tunnel.

Theres not many cool pictures of climbing.. I guess I was a little busy tearing the skin from my fingers. I planned to shoot some cool stuff, but it just never happened.. Ooops.

The few that are here will just have to do.


TI Getting close to the chains of Hypoxia (29)


Studs Getting to the final crux holds on Hypoxia (29)
Lead out missing that clip is insane… Just saying


Church of frederico (23) Steeple B. Still didn’t go down… sigh


Abseiling down Another day in paradise, a multi pitch on Cogmans Buttress


Dassie on a BM at the Avalon hot springs resort


Looking up church street, Montagu


De Bos Backpackers Barn


View from De Bos guest farm


The (dink-dans) Palace


Tiffany working through the crux, Shagadelic 23


Tiffany at Waterworld crag on ye olde 24 “The Mission”

A walk through town.

montagu-22 montagu-23 montagu-24montagu-47 montagu-27 montagu-31 montagu-32 montagu-29 montagu-34 montagu-36 montagu-40 montagu-46 Montagu-84montagu-44Montagu-85 montagu-42montagu-48  montagu-51

And in came the bad weather, after 8 days of pure sunshine and awesomeness.

montagu-70montagu-75montagu-71 montagu-72

The deal breaker.

The morning we were meant to leave Montagu, 4:30am to be exact. I crawled out of bed and opened the door to check how much it was actually raining, only to find a full blown river raging a few metres from the campsite. I couldn’t believe it, in one night the very chilled out river had become one massive brown monster. It had washed over the only two bridges that connected us to the main road. We had no other option but to sit it out.


The low water bridge completely flooded.


The river in full flow. making the crags along it un climbable


Locals on the footbridge having a look at the flooded river


Whilst checking the level of the water I happened to run into a familiar face. Warren at this stage had ridden on a bicycle from Johannesburg to Durban and then left Durban to make his way to Cape Town where he lives. This was one of his stops along the way, some deserved rest after a reasonable amount of days in the saddle. He left Montagu the day after the floods, completing his journey.

Congrats Warren, Whats next on the list???

We managed to get the car across the bridge eventually 6 hours later than planned, had the most amazing pizza for lunch, then onward to Hogsback.


Warren Gans after riding a bicycle from Joburg to Durban, then to Montagu. This was the resting place before the final leg of his ride back to Cape Town.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Martin & Wilhelmien van Zyl says:

    Our thanks to Ruth Behr who kindly forwarded this most interesting well-illustrated article to us here in Montagu. We enjoyed reading the short resumé and viewing the photographs and have forwarded the particular web-site information to a number of friends and locals who take pride, like us, in sharing the beauty and attraction of our village and surrounds with as many people as possible. Well done Brendon and thank you for having visited Montagu. Please come again and kindly bring more friends and climbers. Regards Martin & Wilhelmien van Zyl


  2. climbza says:

    Beautiful photos. You even got a photo of my house (behind the lamp pole, in the rain).
    The route at Waterworld is ‘The Mission’.


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