The 3 Hogs from which the area gets its name. Hog 1,2 and 3. The Xhosa believe a dragon like creature called “Inkanyamba” lives in Hog 1.

This was the final leg of the road trip Tiffany and I did earlier this year. From Montagu we travelled up the coast and eventually made it to Hogsback. Situated in the Amathole mountains Eastern Cape, this has to be one of the greatest places in South Africa.

If you spend some time talking to the locals of Hogsback, they will keep talking about the energy that the area has. At first I wasn’t quiet sure what exactly they were talking about, but after spending a few days exploring the area it really starts to make sense. The energy here will literally engulf you, and take your soul to its happy place. It’s no wonder they say J R R Tolkien’s “middle earth” was inspired by this place, its beauty has no end.


A Tourist soaks in the morning view at Away With The Fairies


The view from Away With The Fairies, above the clouds


Home, at the camping ground – Away With The Fairies, Hogsback


I will never look at a photo taken on tripod the same again..

When walking through the forests you can really understand why people claim they have seen real fairies, parts of the forest have a truly magical feeling to them and you cant help but let your mind drift away into the natural wonderland.


The trail through the forrest




Walking back to the backpackers from Madonna and Child


A pool with a view at the top of a waterfall


We camped at Away With The Fairies which is a lovely old house that has been converted into a backpackers. We had access to fridges, hot showers, a kitchen and a nice cosy lounge to eat breakfast in every morning. I would say if going in winter, the actual backpackers may be the better option as it gets rather chilly in winter.


Away With The Fairies



Dan the Englishman explains legends of the hogs



The 800 year old Yellowood tree. This picture does the tree no justice. Its massive.

The forest is actually a Yellowood forest and is home to the endangered Cape Parrot. The numbers of this bird left in the wild is frightening… If you stand around the top of the forest near the backpackers in the evening the Cape Parrots fly overhead back to their nests in the forest.


800 year old Yellowood tree, Hogsback, South Africa


Moonrise and sunset

Moonrise and sunset

Hogsback-105 Hogsback-109 Hogsback-101 Hogsback-90


A rest for the feet at the top of a waterfall

Hogsback-71 Hogsback-66 Hogsback-87



Bathtub Sessions



Tiffany in the last bit of evening light before we left.


Spot the Hog, a route marker on the trail through the forest.



Hog 2 & 3



Campsite dog


A village and some low cloud


Diana Graham’s Paintings in the Eco-Shrine


Diana Graham’s Eco-Shrine


Diana Graham’s Eco-Shrine

On the last night I really wanted to get a photograph of Diana Graham’s Eco Shrine and practice some star photography. We had some serious time constraints but managed to get one good frame before we had to get back before the gate got locked at the backpackers.

Thanks for the opportunity Diana, Hopefully next time I can come spend more time and get some really cool shots.



And did I mention I managed to snag some genuine fairy photos! Check them out, They exist… Unedited proof!


Hogsback-103 Hogsback-102


And last but not least a shameless selfie from our 6 hour walk through the forest, good times.


Tiffany and I resting our legs on top a huge boulder at the top of Ridle Vale Falls


Drop a comment with some feedback, or just a classic South African Howsit.





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