I’m pretty sick of everything I shoot. I am so bored of pretty girls, good composition and contrasty monochromes. It’s all so real and plastic. Like eating sweets, it feels great for a few minutes but turns to sugary cancer over time.

I need to break out of reality and get moving on what I really enjoy. I need to work on my photoshop skills, my concepts, perhaps just my images in general before my mind melts and I implode. I have been doing too many things for money lately that just don’t excite me in the slightest and I’m over it.. It has dried me out and it might be too late to fix but I’m going to try. At some point something will snap and when it does it might not be pretty. All I can say is I’m a photography addict and at least I will be holding a camera when the world implodes, and with the power of the internet you can sit at home, in your office or on a bus and watch it as it sinks. Are you ready for the ride?


About Brendon

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