I have been a self-directed freelance photographer specialising in architecture, interiors and advertising photography since 2012.

Originally from South Africa, I am now working in the United Kingdom which means I have a fresh dynamic flavour of creativity to bring to the table. And the work ethic to match. I have a meticulous, curious and creative eye for unique moments and angles making me very sharp at almost all forms of photography.
I have dabbled and flourished in almost all aspects of the photographic art and have developed a strong journalistic style.
My strengths include studio portraits, automotive, creative and conceptual art, natural light portraits, lifestyle, documentary and landscape photography.

I absolutely love a challenge and feel extremely fortunate to have a gift that can be applied to form the core of my career.

I have been self-employed from the very beginning of my career which has forced me to be extremely adaptable and client focused in every aspect of work that I do. Starting at a young age means I have a lot of experience behind the lens and I have developed my skills to an expert level over the years. This also means I am extremely dependable and hardworking in every brief I get tasked to photograph.

I am energetic, reliable, happy by nature and an extremely hard worker. I will do anything to make sure I can create and deliver the images that the client needs swiftly always making sure images are of the highest quality.
My personal work tends to fall into the documentary and fine art portrait side of photography using a mixture of film and digital medium which allows me to always keep pushing different aspects of photographic work.