Paper Cuts


I’m pretty sick of everything I shoot. I am so bored of pretty girls, good composition and contrasty monochromes. It’s all so real and plastic. Like eating sweets, it feels great for a few minutes but turns to sugary cancer over time.

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Taxi in the streets below Johannesburg, ZA.

Brendon Salzer_#noonedied-32

One of my favourite shots from my last mission into town and one of the last shots from Jozi that I will be posting for a while. Leading lines with a taxi in the streets below.

A flower nestled in a ray of light, Hogsback, ZA.


This was one of my favourite shots from a trip to Hogsback a while ago, Its technically not perfect.. But it was an awesome setting late in the afternoon. Super tricky low light hand held stuff, right at the end of a long day hike.

For me this shot evokes a sense of how organic the world really is, visiting a place with such magnitude of beauty reminded me that the world isn’t all brick and mortar and that nature will always find a way to reach out and exist.

The centre, Johannesburg, ZA

Brendon Salzer_#noonedied-30

Looking down the center of a building in the city.

The braai and deck chairs on stand-bye.

Joey in the skatepark


Decided to post something a little different from all the Jo’burg stuff this week.. So heres a frame of Joey from a shoot we did late last year. I’ll post a few more from this shoot over the next week or two.

Induction pipes, Johannesburg, ZA

Brendon Salzer_#noonedied-19

A pile of air-conditioning pipes lay in the basement of a Johannesburg building.

Rooftopping, Johannesburg,South Africa

Brendon Salzer_#noonedied-8

Looking out the top of a rooftop in Johannesburg, South Africa

Mechanical animal, Johannesburg, South Africa

Brendon Salzer_#noonedied-11

Library Gardens, Johannesburg, South Africa

Library gardens

Finding Heaven in Rocklands

Rocklands_South Africa-8

Falco cruising up an arete in a new area

Bouldering. Why the hell would anybody want to go climb short ass climbs with no ropes, only a measly little pad of high density foam on the rocks below to break your fall. You start sitting on your ass, generally have to move through finger destroying moves on beastly overhangs, only to top out on a boulder a couple of meters high. It made absolutely no sense to me. This was partly because I had never really been bouldering outdoors on real rock and also probably to do with the fact that I found great comfort knowing that when sport climbing there was ample air between my ankles and the ground, nothing my nifty dynamic rope couldn’t sort out before I hit the deck. I guess this is an aspect of climbing that I didn’t really understand, could you blame me though, with the complete lack of quality boulders anywhere close to home in the city of Johannesburg.

It was with this complete lack of knowledge, and of course the buzzing excitement in Pauls voice when he said “come to Rocklands ” that Tiffany and myself took the plunge, packed up the car and started the drive to the Western Cape to experience what world-class bouldering actually felt like. Continue reading